Who We are

We begin our story in 1967 in the city of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, in the state of São Paulo, dedicating ourselves to the processing and marketing of coffee and rice. With the time we were changing our focus and early 90s we started to devote ourselves to the production of rice and corn flour, products supplied to the food industry, intended for baby food, breakfast, breaded and other industry segments.


In February 2001 we opened our petfood industry with the brand Special Dog, producing only one product intended for adult dogs. We currently have 13 products in our portfolio, leading quality and longevity in dogs and cats, whose marketing is done through more than 25,000 retail outlets spread across seven states (São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás).



Working with quality in the production and delivery of safe food for humans and animals.


Being a reference when compared with other companies in the sector with respect to the quality of products, services and well being of its employees.


Valuing employees;

Keeping ethics in provided services, products and internal conduct;

Treating  well the internal and external costumers;

Collaborating in improving the society in which we operate;

Getting return in business that we are dedicated to;

Seeking solutions that contribute to our growth always;

Mantaining the integrity and balance of the environment.



For a company to operate and grow in a healthy and sustainable way is necessary investment and appreciation of your body of employees. Since our founding, we realize that employee satisfaction (regardless of the level it occupies) is elementary to the company's results keep growing.


In order to reach this goal, we develop a series of actions and offer numerous benefits to the employees so that they have personal and professional satisfaction, being in harmony with the ultimate goals of Special Dog, which are focused on bringing quality to their products. Among the advantages of our relationship with our employees we can highlight:


- Respecting for employees

- Payments above the market average

- Health Aid with the best health plans in the country

- Maternity benefits (trousseau, aid nanny, six months of maternity leave) and marriage.

- Gifts for anniversaries.

- Free meals in the company.

- Participation in annual results.

- Rest room with beds, air-conditioning and internet.

- Helping in vocational and language courses and college.

- Recreation Club with gym, football field, kiosks with barbecue grills and party room available to the employee.

- Theme parties during the year.

- Other benefits for families (lectures, health care, vocational courses)

- Respecting the opinion of employees

Quality Control

We surround ourselves with all care so the pets fed with our products receive a healthy and balanced nutrition, in paying attention to the different stages of production

- Rigorously select our suppliers;

- We adjust the ISO 9001, GMP and HACCP;

- We did not use substitute (fixed own formulation, regardless of the cost of raw materials).

- Guaranteed nutrient levels and the safety of our food through periodic evaluations during the various stages of the process and, subsequently, of all batches of finished product.

- We have a research center for constant palatability and digestibility reviews of foods with stringent quality tests.


To manufacture products with distinct quality and international references is necessary to be aware of the processes involved in the production. The Special Dog adds to their standards solutions that bring the highest quality to consumers.

- Fully automated processes.

- Using of skilled labor.

- Cutting-edge technology with the very latest innovations in the market in all stages of production, and a constant search for innovations.

Social and Environmental responsibility

A Special Dog cares about being a company engaged with social and environmental issues so important to our current context. Among the various funding initiatives for education and training of its employees, we can highlight the important contribution by the professional development of young apprentices, as well as participating, with the Abrinq Foundation initiatives that protect the rights of children and adolescents, acting against child labor and valuing education as a key tool for building a promising career and a different future to young people.


In times of climate change and a strong call for decisive actions habit's transformation aiming to support the maintenance of life on Earth are taken, it is important that the public and private sectors of a nation are in tune. The Special Dog has its commitment made to maintain a balanced and sustainable relationship. The legal Madeira seal is awarded by the Department of the Environment of the State of São Paulo to companies using materials from sustainable native forest. This recognition serves to ensure the commitment that the company has with the planet.

Integrated Management Policy

The Manfrin develops, produces and markets food for humans and animals, to ensure Food Security, meeting legal and other requirements for production processes, safety, health and environment. It also seeks to ensure customer satisfaction, valuing employees, reducing environmental impacts, preventing pollution and minimizing the consumption of natural resources, and continuously improve processes, preventing occupational injuries and illnesses, making working conditions appropriate to the risk in each activity.

1 We develop, produce and market food

2 Ensure Food Safety

3 Complying with legal requirements

4 Customer satisfaction

5 Valuing employees

6 Reducing environmental impacts

7 To promote interactive communication

8 Continuous improvement of processes

9 Preventing injuries and occupational diseases

10 Removing the risks of activities


Our company prides itself on excellence in quality of products and services, so we are always looking for improvements and enhancement to ensure complete satisfaction of all customers. Through renowned agencies won certificates proving all our work in the pursuit of excellence.

International standard that proves our excellence in quality through monitoring of all processes, seeking the satisfaction of our customers.

Internationally recognized standard that certifies our commitment to environmental protection through a system that enables you to manage our sustainable practices and possible environmental impacts.

Through this international system we proved our concern for the health and safety of our employees, ensuring proper working conditions and reduction of risks in their activities.

System to identify and control dangers and critical points contained in our processes, from the selection of raw materials to delivery of the finished product, for food security.

Set of hygiene and operational procedures that we use for the proper handling of food in our production process.

SpecialDog - We make real food with love.