Both have differences in the composition, assurance levels and kibbles format. The Special Dog Vegetables has in its composition, among other ingredients, dehydrated spinach and carrots, poultry meal and meat, 23% of crude protein and 10% ethereal extract. The kibbles have 4 different formats. The Dog Gold has high palatability and attractiveness, has 25% crude protein and 10% ethereal extract. The kibbles are only one size and shape, serving well, including large dogs.

Both of them are complete and balanced food, providing all the essential ingredients to animals. There are no replacement ingredients in the absence of any. The super premium foods are also complete and balanced, however, are formulated with greater variety of nutrient sources and ingredients have a higher digestibility. Thus, the amount of food intake to meet the needs may be smaller, and hence the volume of stool is also lower. Furthermore, in addition to essential nutrients, super premium offer functional food nutrients.

In small and medium-sized dogs, the transition can be made with 12 months. In large dogs, it is recommended to be performed at 18 months.

Many reasons may be related to rejection of food by the animal. From causes related to animal, as subclinical disease (worms, even asymptomatic infections) to causes related to food storage. Always look for a specialist, in this situation so that the cause is investigated.

The adeal is to be offered two meals a day for adult dogs and for puppies, three (up to six months old)

We can list 6 factors:

1 - Complete and balanced nutrition;

2 - The animal will be well disposed;

3 - Prettier Coat;

4 - Stronger bones;

5 - Increased vitality and energy;

6 - Stronger and cleanest teeth.

The term digestibility means that the body has capacity to absorb nutrients and enjoy a certain ingredient. Thus, food can have the same percentage of protein stated on the label; however, depending on the quality of the protein source (the use by the animal organism) may be different.

The food should be kept in a cool, airy, dry location and properly packed.

The omega-6 is an essential fatty acid for the body responsible for the health of skin, hair and reproductive system of animals.

The omega-3 fatty acid is one which has anti-inflammatory action by inhibiting the synthesis of certain chemical mediators of inflammation; improves athletic and cerebral oxygenation performance (in the case of the elderly animal) and improves learning capacities in the young animal.

Pregnant and lactating females lactating have higher nutritional requirements and can consume two to three times more food than indicated an adult cat.

The dyes used in food for dogs and cats are food colorings, the same used in human food.

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