Special Dog is an official sponsor of the Corinthians

The company signed a contract to stamp the Corinthians shorts with your brand until December 2015

The Special Dog, manufacturer of lines of food for dogs and cats of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo is the new sponsor of the Corinthians. The company and the team signed contract for the inclusion of the brand Special Dog in shorts worn by team during games and training. The contract signed until December 2015 also establishes a board at the training center of the club, the insertion of the mark in the team travel uniforms and also the backdrops that appear at press conferences and events bringing together players and technical team. The partnership also includes the dissemination of Special Dog among team sponsors in posts Corinthians on social media, and possible actions for the fans. "At the moment, the focus is the presence of the Special Dog in uniform, with the opening scheduled for Saturday, June 27, on national television," says Fernando Manfrin, the company's marketing manager, referring to the game Corinthians X Figueirense , the Brazilian Championship, Arena Corinthians.

Sports Marketing - The decision to invest in the team from São Paulo attends the expansion strategy of brand recognition in the greater São Paulo, as already occurs in the markets where the Special Dog acts, including the entire state of São Paulo and Paraná, in addition to cities in Mato Grosso do Sul and Minas Gerais. "We were looking for an impact action and, after analyzing various alternatives of the sports area, we decided to close with Corinthians, undoubtedly a world football icon," says the company's marketing manager.

The experience of the Special Dog with sports marketing actions is recent. Earlier this year, the company invested in the Soccer São Paulo State Championship putting his mark on advertising panels of soccer fields. The return was better than expected, giving ground to the analysis of the many proposals in the sports field that began arriving in the company. "The action in Championship from São Paulo brought us a great result, exceeding all our expectations. This encouraged us to invest more in sports marketing, as well as provide us with a gain of brand image, taking into account our strategic plan allows us to support the sport, which is undoubtedly a segment that needs and deserves the support of companies for their ability to promote the development of people and communities, "said Fernando. 

Support sport - Company with of widespread participation on citizenship actions, the Special Dog approached the sport for more than five years, by sponsoring a swimming project in your host city. The last three years, the brand has also sponsored local teams of male and female futsal and two years ago maintains support the city's football schools. The commitment to the sport also occurs in cities like Ubatuba and São Paulo, with sponsorship of cycling events and street racing, respectively, and also in football projects with kindergartens of Santos, São Vicente and Praia Grande. 

Corporate citizen - With a history full of social responsibility, the Special Dog invests in cultural and sports projects through tax incentives and supports charities, fully assuming the direction of one of them in the city where it has its factory. In the environmental area, in addition to the certifications required by the market, the company adopts sustainable practices in its plant, promotes the improvement of green areas of community life and supports projects and actions to protect the environment.

Aware of the importance of his team's quality of life, the company maintains a country club for sports and recreation employees and their families, as well as a cultural center with workshops and various courses extended to the community.

The company's citizenship action also extends to pet universe. In addition to the constant concern to produce food of the highest quality and analytical work of animal behavior held in his kennel and cattery, the Special Dog supports seven NGOs and shelters for animals in a state of abandonment, located in the cities of São Paulo and Paraná .

Focus on quality - Special Dog is a family-owned company that since 2001 produces food for dogs and cats with a focus on high quality standard. Its factory now produces 11 varieties of food for dogs and cats with brands Special Dog and Cat Special, all classified in premium categories and super premium for this market segment. Even when present in only four Brazilian states, the Special Dog ranks among the largest manufacturers in food industry for pets in the country, employing over 650 direct employees and has a team of 250 sales representatives.

With a factory in a constant process of expansion and also maintaining a logistics company, responsible for the distribution of its products, the Special Dog operates with the most important certification seals of production and environmental quality, still ranks among the best companies to work for in Brazil and Latin Amética second testing organizations.


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