Special Dog takes part in the Vet Expo 2015

Special Dog launches super premium line for cats at the fair dedicated to products for veterinarians and pet shops takes place alongside the 13th Conpavepa.

The Special Dog takes part in the Vet Expo 2015 which starts on Monday, August.31 in São Paulo, where he presents his line of food for dogs and cats and their market advantages. During the three-day event, the brand that appears between the best-selling in the domestic market receives the public of pet industry in general and participants of the 13th Conpavepa (A Congress for clinical veterinary of small-sized animals realized in São Paulo)  in a box located in the D10 sector. The event also marks the launch of two super-premium products for cats: Special Cat Prime Puppies and Special Cat Prime Bulls. "These releases come meet market demand. Much of our customers awaited a line Special Cat Prime, such as the line Special Dog Prime, produced in adult dogs and puppies versions, launched with great success last year, "said Fernando Manfrin, Special Dog marketing manager.

To please and care - The new products have in common the different quality of the brand Special Dog and the ability to eat healthy and able way to meet the needs and preferences of the animals. "In addition to the veterinary monitoring, we keep the Cattery Special Dog's in similar conditions as a cat that lives with his owners. They have time and space to play, being distracted, sleep and finally, live as if they were at home. It is a way to get a more accurate result of the preferences of the animals, "explains Fernando.

Palatability tests indicate that the line Special Cat Prime Puppy is able to please the most demanding palates, promoting healthy growth of the puppy, including the proper development of their digestive system, and avoiding adult weight gain without letting the animals feel hungry. With recipes that strive for quality and naturalness of the ingredients, all tested and certified, the result is an innovative super premium line, composed of the most advanced ingredients and also with the cost differential that the manufacturer maintains in its entire line, consisting of 13 products, all premium category.

Quality and Growth - The Special Dog also intends to present to the public  of the Conpavepa and Vet Expo the advatages of their food production , attested by the most demanding certifier organ of productivity, sustainability and social responsibility. "These are characteristics that have ensured a steady growth and above the market average, including this year, when the country goes through adversity of political and economic order," says Erik Manfrim, managing partner of the family-based company that  has been  in food market for pets for 14 years.

Unique among the first places in the national ranking of distributed sales volume in four Brazilian states, the Special Dog estimates a growth of 19% this year. Besides all over the states of São Paulo e Paraná, the Special Dog line can be found in cities of Minas Gerais e Mato Grosso do Sul. It will soon be available for municipalities in Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina.

In São Paulo, the brand is also expanding its presence. "We are expanding our distribution radius gradually in order to maintain the differential of delivery we have achieved since the early years," explains the director, referring to the Manfrim Logistics, composed of 80% own and aligned trucks with quality practices relationship of the mark.

Specialist food - The acting in the rice sector, marked by rice flour manufacturing for food multinational for humans since the 90s, is considered by the company one of the reasons for the high volume of sales of its products for pets. "Certainly, experience to follow high standards of quality and stringent industrial productivity rates strongly contributed to the Special Dog settled down and move forward gaining customer loyalty because we follow the same standards applied in rice flour production," says Erik . He said a team of professionals in the Special Dog will be in the Vet Expo to introduce visitors to data on industrial capacity, distribution differentials and high quality that the brand keeps on changing, whether in the area of products, manufacturing, environmental control and social responsibility.

Cheerful employees - The Visitors of Expo Vet will also find the different climate of harmony and satisfaction that the Special Dog team promotes as it  happens in its factory in Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, where today work more 600 professionals. "The team of employees is treated as the largest Special Dog and is certainly our biggest market advatage," says the director. "Here we work with secured training rights, participatory pay and quality of life, both in the factory and outside it," he says. This reality has assured the Special Dog prominent positions in disputed rankings that elect the best companies to work produced by Voce S / A, the Abril Group, and the season, Editora Globo, in partnership with the International Institute Great Place to Work .

Only this year, in addition to joining to the Latin American ranking GPTW, ranking 7th among Brazilian companies and 15th among the 50 companies in its class (up to 500 employees), the Special Dog has conquered  the 5th place in the country in 2015 the best place among all brands of pets food. Also fit the Special Dog Special Care Award, disputed among the 135 companies that make up the ranking Season / GTW 2015. "These awards attest to our commitment to the quality of life of all people working at our product line, from development to delivery. We believe that effectively it makes a difference in the results and justify our increased sales and loyalty of our customers, "says the director of Special Dog.

August, 31th to Setember 2nd a – 11 a.m to 8 p.m – Anhembi Palace Convention – São Paulo.

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